Senior Care Advantage ONE News

WGRZ-TV Interviews Jesenia Cruz, MD, and Buffalo 60 Strong Ambassador, Karen Calandra, RN.

Dr. Cruz and Karen share the power of taking charge of your own health and living life to the fullest. Dr. Cruz also discusses the Senior Care Advantage One program and the Medicare Resource available during the Annual Enrollment Period.

Historically Low Medicare Advantage Premiums for 2021

Trump Administration Announces Historically Low Medicare Advantage Premiums ahead of the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period.

Ahead of the annual Medicare Open Enrollment, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that the average 2021 premiums for Medicare Advantage plans are expected to decline 34.2 percent from 2017 while plan choice, benefits, and enrollment continue to increase. The Medicare Advantage average monthly premium will be the lowest in 14 years, since 2007, for the over 26 million Medicare beneficiaries projected to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan for 2021.

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WKBW-TV, an ABC-affiliated television station, highlights the Buffalo 60 Strong Contest with an interview with John Notaro, MD.

Twelve ambassadors in their 60s who represent what it takes to be inspiring in mind, body or spirit, will be selected to appear on a special Buffalo 60 Strong calendar. Perhaps they’ve achieved exceptional levels of fitness, or are passionately fighting chronic conditions. A panel of celebrity judges will choose inspirational area residents. The winners will be announced on the website on September 18, 2020. For more information, visit